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Four Years or Free. Tuition Freeze. Experiential Learning. International Travel. Learn more about the Uniquely Eureka Advantage
of EC grads are employed or continuing their education within 6 months of graduation
Classes taught by faculty, not teaching assistants
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Graduates who feel prepared to succeed
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Located in Central Illinois, Eureka College provides numerous professional programs. We're recognized as a top college in Illinois for vocations like teacher education, nursing, communications, and criminal justice, and we're adding new courses for emerging careers like early childhood and sports management.


A Eureka College education prepares you for more than just your first job: it equips you to become a leader in your field and community. Learn about our unique offer: from the 10 Essentials to Majors, you have the chance to personalize your plan of study.

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欧美日韩在99线At Eureka, you’ll find faculty who will push you to accomplish things that you might think impossible. They’ll hold you to high academic standards but they will be there to help and support you along the way.


Because we are a small, tight-knit community, faculty members will get to know you even if they haven’t had you for a class. And because our campus is intimate, we can offer leadership opportunities for each and every student.


Get information here about Student Resources, Orientation, Organizations & Clubs, Career Development, Housing Options, Leadership/Service, and International Student Services. Visit out Office of Student Life here.

The Student Life Experience

Our Campus. Online.

Most of our student body are first-generation college students from Peoria and other small towns around Central Illinois. In the past decade, we've expanded our reach to welcome students from the Midwest and abroad; we believe that the moment of discovery is the most important thing we give to each of our students, and it starts by coming to see what campus is like during the school year.


Our on-campus experience is made up of a tight-knit community involved in every corner of the College, from performances and recitals to presentations and games. Start the journey to your moment of discovery here.

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Eureka College student-athletes balance their academic responsibilities and their commitment to the team. Our student-athletes are supported by coaches, faculty, and staff to ensure they excel on and off the field. As a competitive D3 school, we give young athletes valuable experience on and off the field.


Our fan base brings together the excitement of college sports along with faculty, students, and alumni in one place. Our #SwingTheAx mentality helped us become outright Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference Football Champs this past year.

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欧美日韩在99线Student involvement is a huge opportunity for Eureka College students. Find an organization that matches your needs and become a valued member.


Regardless of your status – first year, transfer student, commuter or upperclassmen – we have something for you. Take some time to learn more about all of our different organizations and activities. View current Student Activities, Programs, info on Greek Life, Service Opportunities, and our dedicated Student Life Staff.

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